FRASER Donald Garry

New Zealand Bravery Medal
Special Honours List - 2 April 2011
At approximately 9.45 a.m. on the morning of 7 May 2009 Mr Fraser was about to leave his home at 37 Guys Hill Road, Napier, when he heard the sound of about half a dozen gunshots coming from the vicinity of Chaucer Road South.  He got into his car, a white Toyota Caldina, and drove to the northern intersection of Guys Hill Road and Chaucer Road South, where he met his neighbour, Christine Jackman, who was driving a red Honda.  She told him there had been a shooting and she had seen a man crawling on the footpath about halfway down Chaucer Road South.  Mr Fraser immediately drove down the hill to see if he could help, parking close to where the wounded Police Officer lay, partially sheltered from view by a hedge.  The wounded officer was Senior Constable Bruce Miller.  Mr Fraser spoke briefly to Senior Constable Miller and then dialled 111 on his cell phone, advised the Police that there was an "officer down" and then left the line open while he tried to ascertain the extent of Senior Constable Miller's injuries.  About this time, he was advised by an occupant of No. 45 Chaucer Road South that a second wounded Police Officer, Senior Constable Grant Diver, had taken refuge at that address.  Ms Jackman arrived at the scene shortly afterwards in her red Honda and the two of them began to check the adjacent letterboxes to find out their exact location.  A further two or three shots were fired by the gunman, causing them to seek whatever cover was available.  It was not known if the gunman's fire was directed at them, but this was believed to be the case as there appeared to be no other people in the area at the time.  Mr Fraser remained with Senior Constable Miller, who asked if Mr Fraser could use his car to get him away from the scene.  Without knowing how this request was to be accomplished, Mr Fraser returned to his car, crouched behind it and began to open the back door.  He then saw three Police Officers moving down Chaucer Road towards his position and called to them to come and get their mate.  When they arrived, Mr Fraser, accompanied by Ms Jackman, withdrew up Chaucer Road South, taking cover at No. 51 on instructions from the Police.  Mr Fraser acted bravely in going to the assistance of the wounded Police Officer at risk to his own life.  The information he provided to Police from a position close to the gunman was influential in their subsequent handling of the incident and enabled the wounded officers to be evacuated from the scene and receive vital medical attention much sooner than might otherwise have been the case.

New Zealand Bravery Medal