FORD Graham Robert
Sergeant, New Zealand Police

New Zealand Bravery Medal
Special Honours List 29 January 2005
On 17 November 2001, the Police were called to a violent domestic incident in Northcote, Auckland. By the time Sergeant Graham Ford arrived, a man had already assaulted two women, threatened to kill everyone present with a large carving knife, thrown a television set at a Police Constable and resisted pepper spray. Sergeant Ford observed the man lifting his one month-old daughter into the air with one hand, while holding the knife in the other. Sergeant Ford and his staff forcibly entered the house and instructed the man to drop the knife, at which point the man partly undressed the baby, exposing her chest while making motions to stab her. Pepper spray was again used, but was only effective in distracting the man momentarily. Sergeant Ford used this moment to tackle the man, throwing his knife out of reach, while other officers restrained him. The baby was saved from harm and the offender was subsequently convicted of numerous charges.

New Zealand Bravery Medal