DICKINSON Leonard Ross
9/919, Sergeant, 2nd Battalion, Otago Regiment

Distinguished Conduct Medal
During operations at Forest de Mormal, 5th November 1918, coming on an enemy position he organised a party and charged, capturing twenty-five of the enemy and killing several.  Later, seeing a large party out in the open, he went out alone, taking his Lewis gun team, and dispersed the party.  His gallantry and great dash throughout materially contributed to the success of the day

Military Medal
Gazetted 11 May 1917
Under cover of an intense artillery and Minewerfer bombardment lasting from 4am til 5.10am on the above date, the enemy raided a position of our front line about the Wulverghem – Wytscaete Road.  Out of a raiding party estimated at about 90, six of the enemy managed to make an entrance.  The remained of them being driven by Lewis Gun fire and bombs.  The men of the 2nd Otago Battalion holding the line displayed the greatest gallantry, endurance and devotion to duty in sticking to their posts under the severe bombardment and driving the enemy back.  On the extreme left a Lewis Gun detachment consisting of five men suffered greatly.  Out of the five men, three were killed and one wounded by a Minewerfer which exploded close to the gun, the remaining man, Private L.R DICKINSON, stuck to his gun throughout, and was instrumental in driving the enemy back.  He continued firing until his magizines ha run out showing the greatest devotion and the utmost disregard of danger.

Distinguished Conduct Medal
Military Medal
1914-15 Star
British War Medal
Victory Medal

Born 5 August 1888, Smeaton, Victoria, Australia