DENTON Frederick Harry
NZ426036, Flying Officer

Distinguished Flying Cross
In January 1945, this officer was pilot and captain in an aircraft detailed to participate in an attack against the Dortmund-Ems Canal.  Just after the bombs had been released the aircraft was hit by anti aircraft fire.  Severe and extensive damage was sustained.  A fire started in front of the mid upper turret.  The trimming gear was damaged causing the aircraft to become tail heavy.  The inter-communication system was put out of action and the hydraulic gear was damaged causing the bomb doors to open and one leg of the under carriage to drop to the down position.  The nose of the aircraft had also been hit and most of the screen Perspex of the nose compartment was shattered.  The inrush of air blew away the navigators charts.  The starboard inner engine had caught fire, but the propeller was feathered and the flames died away.  In spite of all this, Flying Officer Denton was determined if possible to reach allied territory.  The fire around the mid upper turret had been extinguished but the aircraft was difficult to control and had lost height.  Nevertheless, Flying Officer Denton, though suffering from physical strain and intense cold, flew on.  Shortly after crossing the Rhine, the port inner engine failed.  Despite this, Flying Officer Denton executed a successful crash landing in most perilous circumstances this officer displayed skill and determination of a high order

Distinguished Flying Cross

Born 25 March 1920, Christchurch, New Zealand