COX, Mary Elizabeth
Group Captain, Royal New Zealand Air Force (Retired)

New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration
Group Captain COX represented New Zealand as Defence Advisor in Malaysia and subsequently as Defence Attaché to the Philippines December 2001 – July 2009.

In both appointments, Group Captain COX established the trust and respect of senior Defence officials in those countries; this was an achievement in cultures
where the military establishments are male-dominated. During her posting to Manila, she was also the first female officer to serve as Dean of the Foreign Armed
Forces Attaché Corps in the Philippines.

Group Captain COX developed and maintained positive working relationships with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and associated inter-governmental
agencies and was able to provide assessments and insights to the Ambassadors that assisted them in progressing engagements and strengthening relationships
between New Zealand and the countries to which they were accredited.

Group Captain COX holds the highest rank ever attained by a female officer in the Royal New Zealand Air Force and has always projected herself as a positive role
model. She is also at the forefront of women’s leadership in the wider New Zealand Defence Force.

New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration
New Zealand Armed Forces Award
New Zealand Defence Service Medal