CLERE Nicholas John
Detective Sergeant, New Zealand Police

New Zealand Bravery Medal
Special Honours List - 2 April 2011
On his arrival at the cordon point at the northern junction of Chaucer Road South and Guys Hill Road, Napier, on 7 May 2009, Detective Sergeant Nicholas Clere took command of the Police elements in the immediate area, including members of the Armed Offenders Squad.  Having completed a reconnaissance of the area between his cordon position and the gunman's house, he was advised that the wounded Senior Constable Grant Diver was located at No. 45 Chaucer Road, two doors up the road from the gunman's house.  He sent a member of the Armed Offender's Squad to ascertain Senior Constable Diver's condition and the urgency of medical attention required, and made arrangements for an ambulance and medics to be available.  He formulated a plan in which he, a member of the Armed Offenders Squad, another Police Officer and a volunteer Advanced Paramedic from St John Ambulance would take a stretcher to where Senior Constable Diver was hiding and attempt to remove him from the scene.  As the group proceeded down Chaucer Road, Detective Sergeant Clere and the Armed Offenders Squad member led the way walking side by side, protecting the two team members behind them.  As they reached the driveway of No. 45, they were in the gunman's line of fire.  Detective Sergeant Clere provided cover as they entered the house, by standing in the driveway in full view of the gunman's position.  Having successfully recovered Senior Constable Diver from his hiding place at No. 45, the evacuation party began its return journey to the cordon point, with Detective Sergeant Clere providing cover by walking backwards behind the stretcher bearers.  Detective Sergeant Clere displayed both leadership and bravery in the way he managed the evacuation of Senior Constable Diver and led the evacuation team.  His actions ensured that the wounded officer received medical treatment as quickly as possible, greatly increasing his chances of survival. 

New Zealand Bravery Medal