CLEAVER Daniel James
Constable, New Zealand Police

New Zealand Bravery Medal
Special Honours List 29 January 2005
At 1 am on 4 September 2002 Constable Cleaver of Kaikohe was on duty alone when he was called to attend to a report of burglars at a chemist shop at Okaihau, 15 kilometres away. On arrival, he disturbed two men who ran from the scene and got into a vehicle. He attempted to stop them by smashing the driver's window and removing the ignition keys. The vehicle, however, drove off, side-swiping the Police vehicle, with Constable Cleaver just managing to pull his arm away. He pursued the men, who stopped their vehicle and reversed it into the Police car. They then drove off at speed, with Constable Cleaver continuing the pursuit for some four kilometres before they stopped again. The constable also stopped at a safe distance, but this time the men completed a U-turn and drove their vehicle at speed towards Constable Cleaver, hitting his vehicle in the driver's door and partially knocking it into a drain. The offenders drove off again, still pursued by Constable Cleaver. Again they completed a U-turn and drove directly towards the Constable. He attempted to avoid them by reversing his vehicle, but they struck it head on, immobilising their own vehicle. Both offenders then ran into bush, while Constable Cleaver remained at the scene and assisted with organising a cordon until a dog unit from Whangarei arrived some 30 minutes later.

New Zealand Bravery Medal