BOYD Jan Margaret

New Zealand Bravery Medal
Special Honours List - 2 December 2013
On the night of 21 April 2011 Mrs Jan BOYD was at home at an isolated rural address near Nelson, with her daughter and bedridden husband.  A family member arrived, pursued by his father who was suffering from paranoia and who intended to kill his son.  The father then arrived at the house with a 12 gauge Remington 812 shotgun, in a highly agitated and emotional state.  Mrs BOYD and her daughter met him at the front door, where he demanded to know where his son was. Mrs BOYD knew he was unstable and had already assaulted his son.  She attempted to make him leave by pushing him and the shotgun away with her bare hands, but he brushed her aside and shot his son in the chest at almost point-blank range. Rather than escaping, Mrs BOYD remained in the house, using her nursing skills to tend the injured man until emergency services arrived.

New Zealand Bravery Medal