BLACK Solomon
Constable, No 1 Division, Armed Constabulary

New Zealand Cross
8 January 1869
For their gallant conduct at the siege of Nagatapa in January 1869. The rear of the enemy’s position was assigned to the attack under Major Fraser,
consisting of no’s 1 and 3 Armed Constabulary and Hoteres Nagatipous. The extreme right, on a scarped strong ride was commanded from the enemy’s
rifle pits and works, and a lodgment was only effected by cutting out standing-room with a pickaxe. The enemy made several determined sorties against
this point, and it became extremely difficult to maintain the position, which was essential to the success of the operations. A party of twelve volunteers
were at length placed there, and they succeeded with some loss in holding the position to the end of the siege and to repelling several resolute attacks.
The most conspicuous for their bravery were Constable Black and Biddle

Awarded the New Zealand Cross on 25 March 1869.

New Zealand Cross
New Zealand Wars Medal

Born 1843, Scotland