BIDDLE Benjamin
Constable, No 1 Division, Armed Constabulary

New Zealand Cross
Gazetted 8 January 1869
New Zealand Gazette Announcement Date: No. 16 of 25 March 1869
For his gallant conduct at the siege of Ngatapa, in January, 1869. The rear of the enemy's position was assigned to the attack under Major Fraser,
consisting of Nos 1 and 3 Armed Constabulary and Hotene's Ngatiporous. The extreme right, on a scarped stony ridge, was commanded from the
enemy's rifle-pits and works, and lodgement was only effected by cutting out standing room with a pick axe. The enemy made several determined
sorties against this point, and it became extremely difficult to maintain the position - which was essential to the success of the operations. A party
of twelve Volunteers were at length placed there, and they succeeded, with some loss, in holding the position till the end of the siege, and in
repelling several resolute attacks. One of the most conspicuous for his bravery was Constable Biddle. (Bowen 1870:3).

In the late hours of January 4, and early hours of January 5, Te Kooti and a large number of his party escaped by tying blankets and flax ropes
together and letting themselves down this unguarded section of cliff. After the pa was taken and a short pursuit was mounted; a number of Hauhau
were stripped, shot and thrown from the cliffs atop Ngatapa. Te Kooti had escaped and would go on to cause more havoc for the Colonial Forces -
the pursuit would continue...

New Zealand Cross
New Zealand Medal

Born 1848 Auckland, New Zealand
Died 11 March 1933 Whakatane, New Zealand
Buried Domain Road Cemetery, Whakatane (Plot East R, 22)
(Listed in cemetery as Biddle, Benjamine - died 3 October 1933, aged 93 years)